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 Post subject: Acceptable “fix” or am I getting the brush off?
PostPosted: Thu Jun 03, 2021 10:40 am 
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Our white oak floors were just refinished and there are a few issues. There are 2 spots just inside mstr bdrm doorway, one is a spot of the oil based poly that appears to not have leveled correctly and dried to a sharp point(at first I thought I had stepped on a nail) and the spot right next to it, i’m not sure if that’s another drop of poly or a spot that was just not covered w/ poly. Then in the kitchen, there are 2 boards that have holes in them by the kitchen sink in the area where some wood was replaced due to water damage and one of those boards doesn’t seem to butt up as close as it should to the board it’s next to, leaving a gap and the poly isn’t totally covering that area(some appears to have dripped down in the gap but not in all areas). The company that did the work is, I believe, the largest and best hardwood flooring company in town. Yesterday, I emailed them photos of the issues and then called them and spoke with one of the owners of the company (the wife who runs that admin side of things) and she said she’ll have the guy who refinished our floors come take a look later this week and said the holes could probably just be filled with putty and that would take care of the holes. My thought was, “well then they won’t be protected with poly,” which doesn’t seem right; it sounds like she’s just trying to do a quick fix and so they can be done with it. We’ve been living downstairs in the basement for almost 2 weeks now and the movers are supposed to come tomorrow or Monday to move the furniture back in place on the main floor where the floors were refinished and if we have to be down here another 2 weeks, hubs going to lose it, as am I!!

Is her suggested “fix” of just puttying the 2 holes really acceptable and what is an acceptable fix for the drop of poly that dried to a sharp point and feels like a nail sticking up and the spot near that where it seems the poly doesn’t cover?



 Post subject: Re: Acceptable “fix” or am I getting the brush off?
PostPosted: Fri Jun 04, 2021 9:59 am 
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Trying to apply poly to a floor that's already polyed is not easy to get a 100% flawless fix. The 'nail' fix area is usually done by dripping a small drop of poly on the using an eyedropper. Poly 'self-levels'. Apparently the poly dried to a point before it self leveled. That can be fixed by removing the 'nail point' and dong it again. If the drop is a bit too big and does self level it might appear slightly above the rest of the area but will be flat.
Slight gaps at the end joints are not totally uncommon and depend on the milling of the individual floor boards. Patching in a board is very exacting and detailed work and getting a flawless fit takes skill and patience. Your fit isn't horrendous and a putty or filler would make it slightly less obvious and the poly would cover and protect it. Same thing with the small nail holes. Holes can be filled but again the tricky part is applying the poly to make the areas less obvious. If the flooring were stripped, the patching done (including drawing on grain lines), and then re-polyed the fixes would be less obvious.
Probably didn't answer your question but without starting over flawless fixes will be hard to achieve.

 Post subject: Re: Acceptable “fix” or am I getting the brush off?
PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:36 pm 
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Pre-finished putty for floors that come with finish already on the surface when installed can fill a small hole, or gap, and doesn't need to be covered with finish to last. The reflection of the surface will not be perfect, though. When dry it will be able to be wiped with water like the rest of the floor. It comes in different colors.
If poly is used to touch up where the pointed spot can be scraped flush with the surface, then might as well cover the area where the putty was placed, after it has dried.
The pre-finished putty dries hard fairly quickly. Woodwise makes it.A small artist brush can apply the finish after it has been stirred.
You ought to be able to look straight down from standing position and not notice the repair.

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