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 Post subject: NEW Water-based poly finish scratched easily??? Help?
PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 11:07 pm 
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Hello all, I am new to all of this and a new home owner.

We just had our white and red oak floors sanded (no stain) and refinished with water based Poly. This is my first experience with it, but I hear many good things. However, it has hardly been any time-- we haven't even moved in fully yet and the finish seems to scratch easily. When it scratches a white scratch line appears... it visually goes away a little with wiping with water, but the finish is dulled and can still be seen at certain angles with the light hitting it. Again, we haven't even moved in yet (with our dog) and I am so nervous now. I want to move in knowing this is done right and will hold up to normal life.

Come to find out the contractors used Rustoleum Parks Pro, which can be purchased at Home Depot and the like. I keep hearing in other floor forums that anything purchased from there is basically crap. The company keeps standing behind the product but I just don't feel good about it, especially after reading online reviews and seeing how anything professionally recommended is more like $115/150 plus per gallon--- not Under $40 per gallon, like the Parks "Pro". All looks beautiful overall, but for those scratches to be occurring already seems crazy. I know now that this is a one part product and not a two part (with hardener) like the higher end water-poly products. They offered they can touch up for free... and if we insist, they are offering a half cost screening/buffing and recoat... but it would still be the same product and they seem to think the result will be about the same.

I have since researched Bona Traffic HD a lot, but here some bad reviews as well as people who swear by it. My problem now is, do I let them do the work or pull out and try to get another contractor to do it right asap? We will now have to go with water-based anyways, due to the short amount of time we now have to finish this before we move in. It's hard for me to want to trust them with the same product... but I just don't know what to do. I see another local company uses poloplaz and another uses the Bona Traffic... I am thinking maybe I should just botch this misadventure and go with one of the other companies who will hopefully be using a better product???? Although of course we now have such little time and I just want the original company to fix the issue!!

I didn't realize there was even this choice in finishes (water/oil poly) before we went through with this. I wish I had done my research better on this and am definitely kicking myself. *Everything* else we've been having done I have done a ton of research, but until recently I just thought wood floor refinishing was all the same... All I've ever experienced is the traditional oil-based poly. I looked at the reviews for the company, but... I just thought I was getting oil based until after the fact... then realizing the contract said water based.

I really like the look a lot BUT durability is key, otherwise... what's the point??

I am researching so much now, my brain is swimming with differing opinions and information, and I am more confused than ever. Need to make a decision asap. Thanks for any and all advice

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 Post subject: Re: NEW Water-based poly finish scratched easily??? Help?
PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 3:06 pm 
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All finishes scratch depending on use. What is causing the scratches? Some water-based poly-urethanes are tougher than others so even if they do get scratched the finish does not wear off. It's kind of like scratching nylon. It gets scratched but just looks dull from not reflecting light as well. You could coat with a 2 part poly to get better chemical resistance and a tougher finish with a lower luster so you don't notice fine scratches as much.

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